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Co-Ed Call Girl July 14, 2009

Posted by Rusty in co-ed call girl.

I think it’s rather impressive that I’ve seen dozens of Lifetime movies but the only exposure I’ve ever had to Tori Spelling was her cameo in Scream 2. I need more Tori Spelling in my life. Or so I thought. Because it turns out Tori Spelling… she isn’t a good actress.

Co-Ed Call Girl
stars Tori Spelling as Joanna, a mousy pre-med student too caught up in her studies to have time for boys or fun. When she isn’t at the library, she’s at her mom’s bakery helping the family make ends meet.

One night in the dorms, Joanna’s roommate’s friends have a goof and leave a message on an escort service’s answering machine. Some escort lady calls Joanna back and invites her out to the escort agency’s beach house. Because this movie is silly and makes no sense, Joanna accepts.

The beach house is totally kicking. Like, remember when MTV moved out of Times Square every summer to a beach house to play buzz clips from The Cranberries and that cad Carson Daly kept painting his nails black? That is how slammin‘ this beach house is.

So Joanna likes the night life and agrees to go out on a date with some big shot hanging around the house. After the date (dancing, dinner, no sex), the beach house owner gives Joanna four hundred bucks. Surprise! Joanna is an escort now!

Joanna loves feeling fancy and takes the gig under the understanding that there would be no expectation of sex.

Which is why Joanna’s johns don’t know how lucky they are when Joanna sleeps with them in hot tubs.

I really hate Joanna. Not just because she somehow tricked herself into becoming a prostitute. I hate her because she wears a ton of lip liner when she’s whoring. And I hate Tori Spelling for making a horrible exhaling sound every other sentence. I can honestly say this is the worst acting I have ever seen. And I own Troll 2.

Finally some creepy dude wants to bone Joanna while she’s dressed like Marilyn Monroe with a bad boob job. Joanna says no and her boss/pimp tells Joanna that there is a new way. Now she has to have sex with everyone. Including some less than savory dudes in wife beaters.

Joanna tries to quit the business so her pimp starts bothering her at her mom’s bakery and at school. Then he tries to rape her so she shoots him in the brains.

She’s as bad a shot as she is an escort. The pimp lives and instead of going for vigilante justice (he is a pimp after all), he decides to go through the courts. Because that makes sense.

Joanna is charged with all sorts of bad stuff and she has to come forward to her friends and family. Her mom gives her the standard boilerplate “You’re lucky your dad is dead so he doesn’t have to see this!”

Joanna lies for a while and claims she didn’t shoot the pimp. Then that doesn’t work so her lawyer aggressively attacks the pimp on the witness stand and Joanna gets acquitted.

Awesomely, Joanna’s pimp smiles at her while she’s leaving the court house. Probably because after the end credits he’s going to hire some goons to murder Joanna and her mom. That’s my happy ending.


All the awesomeness comes from the great mid-90s “high fashion.” Everything else is bad. And I kind of want to kill Tori Spelling.


Tori Spelling. Eh. Some points for a very, very young Jeri Ryan as the escort agency’s number one prostitute-slash-recruiter.


A little girl lost who can only be saved her mom. Also, she shoots a would-be rapist.


A short review for a forgettable movie. Tori Spelling is the worst.


1. Diana - July 14, 2009

Best Lifetime movie with Tori Spelling: Death of a Cheerleader. Tori plays the bitchy cheerleader of the title. Classic.

2. Ellie - July 14, 2009

I can honestly say this is the worst acting I have ever seen. And I own Troll 2.They're eating her. And then they're going to eat me! OHHH MY GOOOOOOODDDD!!

3. Nina - July 14, 2009

Ah, Tori Spelling: the go-to girl for crappy tv movies. Wasn't she in one of the three made-for-tv Amy Fischer movies too? She was also in some movie where she played some girl who fell off a balcony and went into a coma for two years and when she woke up sought to avenge her mother's death…right?

4. Danielle Tallulah - July 14, 2009

Omigod i love that you referenced Troll 2!!! LOVE THAT MOVIE

5. Daniel - July 14, 2009

You can't piss on hospitality! I WON'T ALLOW IT!

6. Sadako - July 14, 2009

Oh, the Amy Fischer movies. I haven't seen them but you so have to bite the bullet and do at least the Tori Spelling one for us!

7. Vicki - July 16, 2009

Who can forget, "Mother, May I Sleep Wtih Danger?" That movie is awesome for its title alone.

8. Vicki - July 16, 2009

Sorry – that should read, "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" I can't spell today!

9. Sexy Escort - July 25, 2009

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10. Anonymous - March 1, 2010

Sadly, the story line is pretty much true, including that the pimp took her to court. I know this because the loser pimp was in my graduating high school class (class of '83) and we all were in shock. lol

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