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More Kelli? More Kelli. September 15, 2009

Posted by Rusty in kelli martin, project runway.

Kelli Martin’s thoughts on Episode 4 of Project Runway:

Q: When there’s a new show you’re interested in, how many episodes do you usually give it before you give up entirely. Like, there was a History Channel Show called Jurassic Fight Club that showed simulations of dinosaur fights. I gave that 8 weeks. I only give most sitcoms or dramas 3 or 4 weeks to wow me. How many are we giving Project Runway? Because this sucks.

If I hadn’t promised to blog, I would have giving up after week two! MAAAYYYBE, week 3! The designers are all likable, but I see nothing spectacular about any of them. I would much rather see a show about designer’s who make more avant garde pieces. This is like watching the Home Shopping Network! I can barely stay awake!

2. I ask this not to be snarky, but because I have no idea. Why did Althea’s dress win? All 4 of us at our HQ hated it. What did we miss?

Ok, so that’s what I thought. I did like the concept, and I get that it would be different, sophisticated, and sexy…..but it looked like a blob! The skirt was not only up to her neck, it was all poofy and puffy! And if Heidi wants to comment on boobs! Those things were flippin’ and floppin’ all over the place! Not to mention WE COULDN’T SEE THE CONSTRUCTION! From experience, if they barely show the garment, it is pinned together and royally fucked up.

3. Heidi’s leopard print top. No question, just ew.

Love the print, hate the gypsy cut. WHAT ABOUT THE GRAY SWEATER??!!! With thigh high boots?! I am all about the boots, but she looked like ACTUAL shit. And she has someone dressing her! (we called her “Messy Johnson”, because she looked crazy like Betsey Johnson, but was a total mess!)

4. Do models and designers really get along as well as half of the contestants claim? These people are blowing smoke up our asses, right?

Most of the designer’s are total kiss-asses anyway, but the models were nicer than I had expected (at least for my season). I couldn’t part with my model because she was sooo nice, got my stupid sense of humor, and “played the game.” She wasn’t ideal for me, which could have been a problem, but I tend to be drawn to more down to Earth people, and she was one of them. (Then Kenley got a hold of her and made her cry! Said her garment didn’t fit because Germaine’s body was asymmetrical! Nice try, BIIIIATCH!)

That’s all!

Not much to say because it is so f’in dull, but I would have chosen Epperson to win (I liked the idea, but it was slightly trashy ’94), or Carol Hannah. I have a feeling Carol Hannah will show us some decent shit. Louise’s dress was cute, but HOW MANY TIMES are we going to see that collar??!! I have sen it on like 5 past episodes!!!!!!!!!! ANNNND, I fucking HATE [guest judge] Jennifer Rode! She was a bitch on “How Do I Look?”, and obviously still is! She even resembles Nina! It is nicer without Nina or Michael there… the judges seem to actually view it as consumers, not as rich, snobby, son of a bitch, bastards!


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