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Let’s Celebrate Getting Namechecked in Marie Claire! November 10, 2009

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Hey all!

Did you see in Smart Bitches, Trashy Books where they got name-checked in Marie Claire? Very cool! My boyfriend and I both have a weird fascination with romance novels, so you can only imagine how much I love that site. High-fives. Did you happen to see who else got name checked in that article? Oh yes. We may not be as smart as those bitches, but I’ll bet my camo-patterned can of beer that we’re trashier.

In celebration, I have located 4 Lifetime Movies based on Danielle Steel novels. Big ups to the pawn shop by my house for the following films:

Heartbeat: Starring John Ritter (RIP) as a dude deeply in love with a pregnant lady that just got dumped by her husband. Can he win her heart amidst the chaos of her life? More importantly, can we watch John Ritter trying to be sexy without giggling?

Kaleidoscope: Three sisters that were estranged for years are reunited by a private investigator because of a family tragedy. They apparently have some terrible secrets that will probably be hilarious. Fingers crossed for secret babies!

Palomino: A recently divorced photographer finds refuge on a horse ranch, where she photographs pictures of cowboys to ease her pain. Then she’s paralyzed. Sounds like fun!

Safe Harbour: I’m having trouble figuring out what this is about from the box. I guess it’s about two people who have dead loved ones getting it on in their memory. It sounds classy. Also, the lead woman in it is named Ophelia? Really, Danielle?

Since I am currently out of a job (don’t worry, I’ve got another one lined up already) I plan to review one of these every couple of days. I will try and get Rusty to help me as well. If you’ve seen these movies, or– god forbid –read these books, please leave me some comments so I know what you’d like to hear about. First review will go up Friday.


1. Daniel - November 11, 2009

This is going to be epic. LTW4E (Lifetime, Wow! 4 Eva)!

2. Anonymous - November 11, 2009

Okay, TWO Danielle Steel inspired movies? WOW!Kaleidescope ( I can't spell that)-the last sister. If it's like the book she won't appear till the very end. And she'll be the only normal one. But I don't want to give it away! If I had to slog thru that book, you have to sit thru the movie haha

3. Leigh C. - November 11, 2009

Congrats you guys! I can't wait for the new reviews…

4. Anonymous - November 11, 2009

Um, I meant to say FOUR Danielle Steele movies lol.In Palomino ( slogged thru that book too)-the sexy paralyzed lady should have flowing flaxen locks. If she doesn't, I'll be most unhappy:)

5. Edith Whoreton - November 11, 2009

Congratulations! And PLEASE tell me you are going to do "Deadly Relations"! It had Gwenyth Paltrow with a terrible Southern accent!

6. Sadako - November 12, 2009


7. Julie - November 12, 2009

Love Heartbeat! I watch it every time they show it. It also stars one of the stars of Thirtysomething….Polly something.

8. HarmonyC - November 12, 2009

Woah, lots of Danielle Steel fans here! I am going to note all the movies you guys are putting out so we can review them later.I think I'll start with Heartbeat. It looks like the most fun.

9. Miri - November 23, 2009

This is how I found your site!!!

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