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Murder On Trial Is A Stupid Title For A Movie February 24, 2011

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You are probably curious to know where our review of the Amanda Knox movie is. It’s not done yet, sorry. We’re working on a special double review and it’s taking us a minute. Our jobs are not as satisfying as this blog, but they do pay for the internet access, so sometimes they need to come first.

In the meantime, you can see our frantic liveblogging of the mess as it unfolded on our Facebook fanpage here. Rusty also tweeted some commentary here. If you’re feeling up to a challenge, read it while you watch the movie and guess what we were complaining about! You can also read our last reviews by clicking the “Reviews, Ratings and Etc” dropdown menu. Anything 30 and up is worth your time.

Optimistically, the new review will be up by tomorrow evening. Realistically, it’ll be Friday. Hold fast, true believers!


1. Norman Greene - February 24, 2011

Wearing my green coat and waiting with bated breath, pilgrim!

You guys should have a year ends Awards thing for Lifetime. Right now I’m nominating Velma– err– the dude who played Rafaelle, Amanda’s “WEAK WILLED LOVER” for best supporting actor. And for being generally weird and spineless. And for looking like Harry Potter, if Harry Potter was a child molester. And for collecting knives and carrying them all the time. And for reading really violent manga comics. And for making bizarre looking risottos. And for cutting back his massive drug intake so that now he just smokes weed.

I hope they make a sequel just about THAT dude.

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