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What Has Kate Been Up To? July 17, 2012

Posted by Rusty in Uncategorized.

So, as you know, this blog took a long hiatus. We were out of commission for months. I can’t speak for H$, but on my end it was just plain old laziness. And Netflix. Oh my God, guys, Downton Abbey is very good!

I will speak for Kate though. Kate was our newest addition, she did a few reviews, including my favorite, and then disappeared from the face of the Lifetime reviewing Internet.

Well, Kate has been busy. She has been in a band, The Outfits, and they just released their first record. Buy it here. Seriously, buy it. I am buying it.

Even if you don’t want to buy it, maybe give it a listen.

Kate is the girl

Without sounding too much like a lame-o, I can tell you that I am very, very proud of Kate and the other The Outfits (who I met at Kate’s wedding) and I hope they sell tons of records and make dozens of dollars and YAY FOR THE OUTFITS.


1. iseewhatyoudidthere - December 9, 2013

Are you guys coming back 😦 ?

I really do love your reviews because this is the only quality Lifetime blog out there. And there are still so many review-worthy movies to cover! Like: “Augusta Gone,” “Daughters of the Street”, “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”…just to name a few must-sees..

I’ve read just about every post on this blog. I hope to hear back from you guys again sometime.

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